Лучшие экшен игры в 2023 году

March 15, 2021

Last update – April 6, 2023

Each game genre has its own set of characteristics. In one case, this is a gloomy atmosphere, in another, military operations, in the third, walks in difficult places, but they all combine into a group of action games. There are no boring and monotonous mechanics here, and achieving a result becomes possible only with a good reaction and the ability to think and do at the same time.

battle field

  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Developer: DICE
  • Release date of the first part: 2002
Battlefield and military operations
Military action in Battlefield

Tactical-strategic first-person shooters are in great demand among gamers, among whom this project occupies a worthy place. And with the advent of BattleField 1, the level of action in the game has risen to an unusually high level. In the games of the series, you have to go through missions, participate in hostilities and try your best to survive. For maximum enjoyment, you have several options:

  • Authentic weapons related to different historical periods and countries;
  • Cool ammunition;
  • High level of action;
  • The ability to be treated and help loved ones with first-aid kits and injections;
  • It is necessary to constantly move, otherwise the chance to survive is minimal.

Arm yourself and go to the battlefields. Unforgettable fights are waiting for you, capable of dizzying even the most cold-blooded fans of shooting games.

Serious Sam

  • Publisher: Croteam
  • Developer: Croteam
  • Release date of the first part: March 21, 2001
Serious Sam and non-stop action
Uncle Sam against all wickedness

The most reckless action among the existing ones, because there are always screams, explosions and hordes of enemies of all types and sizes around. You have to take control of the coolest among the heroes, ready to go to an alien planet and destroy all the local forces of evil. Here the player has to constantly run, jump and try to stay alive, and victory in battles often turns out to be the second thing. Among the undeniable advantages here stand out:

  • Very high dynamics;
  • Constant stress from the sight, sounds and harm caused by opponents;
  • The laws of physics are heavily minimized;
  • Huge arsenal of weapons.

After all, it is impossible to imagine another game where in a minute you can shoot with a minigun and a hefty atomic cannon from the shoulder. Serious Sam definitely deserves the title of one of the most epic projects in history.

Grand Theft Auto

  • Publisher: Rockstar Games
  • Developer: Rockstar Games
  • Release date of the first part: November 8, 1997
Grand Theft Auto action with guns and cars
Races and shootouts in GTA

The underworld attracts a lot of people, and you feel like a fish in water in it. In each part, you have to conquer cities with the help of weapons, violence and the fulfillment of many orders of varying degrees of difficulty. Over time, the main character climbs the criminal ladder, buys up real estate and receives more and more attention from the bosses. The gameplay of Grand Theft Auto is tied to several features:

  • Exceptionally criminal world;
  • Many types of weapons;
  • Interesting characters;
  • All types of transport;
  • Cheats for every taste.

There are several ways to pass, depending on individual preferences and the desire to get weapons. And it’s up to you to choose whether to become a pacifist or raise the degree of violence to 6 stars.


  • Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
  • Developer: ID Software
  • Release date of the first part: July 22, 1996
Try to run away from Quake
Relentless action in Quake

A first-person shooter that has become one of the founders of modern gameplay. The main character goes in search of an enemy with the nickname Quake. The game is quite old, the design of the locations is simple, and the melody helps to immerse yourself in what is happening. The gameplay comes down to a few basic steps:

  • 28 levels divided into 4 episodes;
  • Enemies are at every turn, and killing them often creates a number of difficulties;
  • The arsenal of weapons is one of the largest among similar projects;
  • Epic opponents.

With a special desire, you can take a more powerful weapon and run forward, destroying everyone in your path. But of particular interest is the search for secret premises, the systematic destruction of each enemy on the way and unhurried gameplay.

mass effect

  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Developer: bioware
  • Release date of the first part: November 20, 2007
Action in Mass Effect
Story and action are the keys to success in Mass Effect

The interstellar adventures of a desperate team often lead to unexpected results. Captain Shepard challenges anyone who wants to destroy all life around him, fights with creatures of all races, among which the threshers turned out to be the most remarkable. After all, killing such a worm, taken from the work of Dune, is an extremely difficult task. The game has many unique features:

  • Ferocious enemies who don’t particularly like to miss;
  • Arsenal of weapons and upgrades;
  • A huge world in which each location is unique;
  • Philosophical questions are raised;
  • There is a time stop for issuing commands;
  • The actions taken are reflected in the future or indicated in the final.

The elevators in the first part were especially loved by the fans. Great music, interesting company, the opportunity to make coffee and sleep off, and all this while the team goes to the next floor. Choose a warrior class, develop skills and protect the universe from all possible invasions. And to play Andromeda or not, everyone decides according to their own taste.

The Witcher

  • Publisher: CD Project Red
  • Developer: CD Project Red
  • Release date of the first part: October 26, 2007
Battles in the Witcher
Action is one of the advantages of the witcher

The witcher’s universe is built on the books of the same name, and often the plot here is absolutely not inferior to the literary predecessor. The first two parts offer an interesting plot, and in the third, the developers put more emphasis on graphics, but they all became hits. The game is able to bring great pleasure even to those who are far from the creations of Andrzej Sapkowski. After all, there are many unique features implemented here:

  • Slow movement on the map;
  • Combinations of weapons and runes in battle guarantee victory over any opponent;
  • The storyline is multifaceted, and its development is almost impossible to predict;
  • A brutal protagonist who does not even consider the opinions of kings and the strongest witches.

Arm yourself and announce the hunt for monsters. You have to deal with dozens of cases, paying maximum attention to the little things. And do not forget to visit the barber, because your beard quickly grows from well-groomed to sloppy.


  • Publisher: 2K Games
  • Developer: 2K Games
  • Release date of the first part: August 21, 2007
BioShock action in the underwater world
Action-adventure in BioShock

Welcome to the most beautiful man-made city, created exclusively for the elite segments of the population. Everything necessary for life support is present here, except for the people themselves. Survival in such a place is not easy, and winning is not at all difficult. The game consists of several details that made it popular with players:

  • The surrounding objects and space are classified as science fiction;
  • Spectacular antagonists with their own goals, views and motivations;
  • A completely closed world from which it is extremely difficult to escape.

Explore Rapture, find the little sisters and Big Daddy, and then decide how to live. The ending directly depends on those committed, and the fate of the world will certainly be in the hands of the player.

call of duty

  • Publisher: Activision
  • Developer: Activision
  • Release date of the first part: October 29, 2003
Call of Duty and the war around
War is around

Fans of quality first-person shooters go through all the projects from the Call of Duty series as they are released. Games are filled with action, because you need to constantly move, shoot and try to survive. And at high difficulty levels, this is not at all easy to do. The game won its place in the ranking due to a combination of a number of features:

  • High dynamics;
  • Simple control without unnecessary complications;
  • Exciting plot;
  • Realistic physics;
  • Excellent soundtrack.

Take part in hostilities in different historical periods, use authentic weapons or compete with other players on the battlefield. Make each shot accurately to increase the chance of winning.


  • Publisher: valve
  • Developer: valve
  • Release date of the first part: November 19, 1998
Half-Life action-shooter
Not everyone is ready to beat Gordon Freeman

One of the first really worthy action games in which you have to play as a silent physicist. Aliens attacked the earth, horror is happening around, and it is no longer possible to defeat the intruders with ordinary forces. It’s time to pick up your favorite red crowbar and some firearms, and go on a massive adventure. The gameplay offers interesting nuances:

  • Very high dynamics;
  • Brutal silent physicist in the main roles;
  • Many varieties of enemies with their own behavior;
  • Advanced combat system.

Despite its age, the project is still of interest to gamers. At one time, Half-Life gained popularity due to the best graphics, excellent storyline and interesting combat system. Now the graphics have already grown old, but the 2 remaining points remain at their original level.


  • Publisher: valve
  • Developer: valve
  • Release date of the first part: October 10, 2007
Portal and active puzzles
Active puzzles in Portal

A series about a silent robot that can run fast, jump high, carry and throw cubes. Visually, the project is simple, but in practice, even simple tasks are extremely difficult to complete. After all, for movement you will need to create portals of entrances and exits. Before starting the passage, it is worth considering a few nuances:

  • Measured game speed;
  • There is an unlimited margin for error;
  • No limits in fantasy;
  • Your best friend and faithful assistant is a white cube.

Gather all the nerves together, find non-standard solutions and try to get to the cherished point. Here you will not have to fight or run away from someone, but the level of adrenaline will rise to sky-high heights.

The number of cool action games is constantly increasing, and it is impossible to fit everything into the top 10 or even the top 100. A lot of gamers are ready to make their own top, in which they will collect their preferred projects, focusing on their own value system.

In the selection above are games that combine the highest rating and interest in the series from connoisseurs of the genre.

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